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 technical works [2010-10-05 12:58:43]

  The citation:

In connection with replacement of the server equipment time failures in game work are possible.
We apologise for the delivered inconveniences.

  The citation:
Update: (04.10.2010 19:00)
Dear ladies and gentlemen, works still proceed, in this connection servers can be inaccessible. in particular today, approximately at 21:00 on the server, switching-off of all in connection with replacement of one of intranetwork servers is expected. upon termination of works we immediately will inform you.


Promised to include by midnight, however, and does not work.

The starting page has earned, but into game to come on former it is impossible


Has earned

The author: <

  MIDIYA Writes: [2010-10-05 13:35:40] 

!!!!!!!! has arrived home in to descend - and this infection does not plough!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((

  Fridrih Writes: [2010-10-05 14:21:30] 

People ... and that number i do not remember..... a help!!!

  Visitor Writes: [2010-10-06 09:57:31] 

Not it is impossible to enter into game 06.10.07

  Visitor Writes: [2010-10-07 20:11:11]