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All about fleeces

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The general data
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The general data.

Abandonned Plain There was a new building: The temple of knowledge:
The temple of knowledge
The temple of knowledge, Of keeper znany:

What happen ?
We know a large quantity of various fleeces, but all of them are united by a number of the general properties: we distinguish colour, the form and a sign. as a result of set of experiments, it has been established that colour defines properties of forcethe form defines power, and a sign - type of subjects for which fleeces it is intended. besides, sometimes, very seldom, to us met uniqueis much more powerful than the others and absolutely unusual colour.

And from what things it is possible to receive ?
The majority of things in our world contain sufficient force to try to take and receive it to a fleece. us it has been opened that the more powerfully the subject, the is more than chances to transform it in powerful to a fleece. to take magic force from a thing it is possible only within the precincts of our temple. for this purpose you can use an altar standing at the left.
About connection of fleeces
Of runy are the mysterious subjects allocated with surprising properties. during one of experiences, my colleague has managed to turn three one form in new to a fleece of the same form, but other properties. following this way, it is possible to receive with more attractive properties. try the abilities in connection of fleeces you you can on the right altar.
How to raise reputation in the temple of knowledge?
You can raise the reputation in our circles only having brought the certain contribution to temple development. it can be practical knowledge which you will receive at creation of fleeces, or material gifts. inhabitants of a temple constantly need reactants and materials for experiments, and we will be always glad to replenishment of our laboratories resources.


We speak with the keeper of knowledge, we undertake to carry out the task:


Water drain. there we reach cage 5 And we press on Drainpipe ( ). Bottle :

onions And to buy Any things, they will be useful to us for reception of fleeces. we come back to To keeper znany, we speak about task end:

4-6 Levels (which we have thrifty got in last campaign on Water drains;)).

Dissolution of things

We go in The altar of subjects And we try to receive something bringing in a victim of a thing. it is possible to bring any armour. at first often subjects are dissolved unsuccessfully: you lose them also receive nothing in exchange.
1 Reputations.
Essence of resource - 10 Reputations.
100 Of reputation, you receive A badge in and the right to dissolve thing 7-8 Of levels.
1000 Reputations receive Such badge and the right to dissolve thing 9-11 Of levels.

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