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> The form of the questionnaire for the introduction into a clan.
  Date 24.02.2010 - 23:23
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Read before to fill the questionnaire!

People who cannot correctly fill the questionnaire are not necessary to us!

Before to answer questionnaire questions, read Charter - Charter, .
Filling the questionnaire, fulfil following requirements:
- Copy questions of questionnaire;
- write in russian and correctly ( it is certainly fashionable, but not everywhere it is comprehensible);
- a question 13 answer according to department to which you want to get. if want in 2 or 3 departments at once answer two or all three subparagraphs of the thirteenth question accordingly.

And only now fill the questionnaire:

1. the reference to the character.
2. a name and contacts (icq it is obligatory!)
3. a city (in real).
4. than you are engaged in real (as whom study as whom work)?
5. whether there were at you problems with the law in ? if there was a chaos write for what.
6. whether you consisted in other clans, if yes, what?
7. how you have learnt about a clan? why you have decided to enter our clan?
8. what is the time you usually spend in and at what o'clock you can be found in club?
9. whether there is at you a regular income in (, trade, contractual fights etc.) ?
10. than you are ready to be engaged in a clan?
11. your musical preferences
12. whether you are ready to pay the introduction into a clan (the prices are specified on the main page)?
13. if you gather in fighting department, specify your current experience (copy from stock page).
If want, can give references to the most interesting fights with your participation.
13. if you gather in journalism department, specify references to your publications (it is possible not ), tell, whether you worked earlier as the journalist in .
13. if you ownare able to draw, program and gather in it department specify references to your works if those are.

Now the final block.

After filling of the questionnaire you can write everything that consider it necessary to inform us. write also why we are simply obliged to accept you in our numbers. the more and more convincingly you write, the more your chance to enter and receive a discount for the introduction. the sense of humour is welcomed.

Hint: Concern responsibly questionnaire filling! correctly and accurately filled questionnaire is 50 % of success at the introduction.
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