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1. strictly it is forbidden messages in the given section to everything, except clansmen and authors of demands (but point 1.2 see). it is authorised to last to write here only in the tops. punishment for infringement of the given rule - for the term from 24 hours, messages will leave. flood in this section will be punished by tops also for the term from 24 hours.перегной с доставкой

For robots

Металлоконструкции установка металлический каркас в Томске и пригороде.
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> Conditions and an order of reception
  Date 27.02.2010 - 02:00
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Of the condition of reception in a clan (img:img./i/klan/.gif)Rockers:

For soldiers and magicians:
The minimum 8 level.
Full self-maintenance.
The full-complete set, with which you one whole car of destructions.
Often to happen in .

For dealers:
Stable income
Ability to work with great sums
Is obligatory the experience of work
Ps: if 150 for the introduction for you a problem - you precisely do not approach us

For novostnikov/journalists/heralds:
Level not more low 7.
The game experience in not less half a year.
To be well informed about all news and to be able operatively and without errors them to state. experience in journalism is welcomed.
Skill to communicate.
To live in

For designers/animators:
Knowledge photoshop or flash
Creative thinking
Examples of works necessarily.

For programmers:
To be on friendly terms with php+mysql and-or javascript.
Presence of certificates and experience in a command is welcomed.
Examples of works necessarily.

For writers/poets/musicians and :
To be talented and infrequently to leave in creative crisis:)
Examples of works necessarily.

The introduction into a clan costs 150 , however, this sum can be lowered for excellent performance of the test task.
Taxes in a clan are not present. there is a system of monetary awards for active work for the clan blessing.

A reception order in a clan:
1. you submit at a forum, correctly filling the questionnaire.
2. if you at all do not approach us, we say goodbye. if approach, you become the recruit of a clan and carry out test tasks (term A minimum 1 week).
3. after passageto you declare results of intraclan discussion and will tell, whether you are accepted or not.
4. you passand inform on it to us.
5. translate the sum of an entrance fee and we hang up a badge.
PMThe letter on an e-mail to userThe site of userICQ Asm [8]
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