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Teeth in

The first 2010 on the site of events has appeared News About introduction in game of teeth on 0-7 levels To cancellation credits ( .) News , :)

With equal characters on force (, group your level, duel of your level. duels with underground monsters do not approach!) you can receive: Tooth Decayed teeth; if will carry, also Tooth Normal teeth; Tooth White teeth; 1 Tooth Gold teeth. but usually you will receive only 1 Tooth Decayed tooth For a victory.

1 Tooth Decayed tooth = 1 .
1 Tooth Normal tooth = 10 .
1 Tooth White tooth = 100 .
1 Tooth Gold tooth = 1000 .

Tooth, :




Tooth : " Tooth":

: Tooth ; Tooth, It is impossible to transfer to other players or to hand over in ..; the things bought for credits, but repaired for teeth, also It will be impossible to transfer or sell.

8 levels You to receive Credits For and Teeth will be gone. Council: 8 levels, Tooth, Tooth, .